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Ginny Weasley has disappeared Wednesday, 9 April 2003. On Friday, 11 April 2003, William Weasley was told by a man only known as the Contact where and how his sister was being held. We will assume he immediately contacted people to set up a search-and-rescue party: his siblings (of which only Percy and Charles were reachable, and Charles couldn't leave his work at the Hospital), of course, as well as Hermione Granger (Aurors are good to have around on missions like this, and she's a friend of Ginny), and Angelina Johnson (friend).

The StoryLine goes as follows:

  1. William, Percy, Hermione and Angelina meet at a non-specified bar somewhere in London, then apparate to a location nearby the small cottage in Wales where Ginny is being held (and presumably tortured) by three DEs.
  2. Once there, they will go to the cottage on foot (using magic or other means to get there undetected) and attempt to free Ginny.
  3. Eventually, they will succeed, though the DEs will escape without being unmasked.

The DEs, as NPC, will be played by the mod (that's me :D), and the posting order is as follows: William, DEs, Hermione DEs, Angelina, DEs, Percy, DEs.
The DEs get more turns because I think this would be the best way to RP the battle/fighting. Obviously, if a character isn't in the scene yet (e.g. the DEs before the four arrive at the cottage, or any of the four before they arrive at the meeting place) their turn is skipped.

I hope that's clear -- if not, leave a comment on a previous mod post -- and enjoy the RPing. :)

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Errrr... I rather collapsed ina fit of exhaustion today. I'm going to run out for food and caffeine, then write something up, then post, then return to sleep.

Sorry for the delay.
It was silent in William's head, even as the chatter of the tavern rose and fell, glassware clattered, and some silly bint was laughing in the most vexing high pitched way. It was loud, but not in William's head. There was silence, tempered by determination and anticipation.

William waited, an arm casually thrown along the worn cushion of his little corner booth. Pale green eyes lingered in their lazy travels around the bar, waiting for figures to emerge from the smoky near darkness. They should arrive shortly.

Percy. Granger. Johnson.

They would arrive. Information would be shared over a pint. And then people would die and Ginny would be saved. Or people would die and Ginny would be avenged.

William took another swallow of his drink, stillness surrounding him, and waited.
Hermione walked swiftly down the street to the bar, sorting information in her head. Ginny was missing. One of their own, kidnapped. She was meeting Bill...William and the others to discuss a plan. Hermione sighed, trying not to think about the look on Ron's face when he heard the news. She told him that they'd bring her back safely, but Ron knew as well as she did that she couldn't make it a promise.
Angelina walked down the street towards the bar, barely noticing the passerby. She was fighting down her temper at the news of Ginny's disappearance. She couldn't do anything about Katie. That had frustrated her no end. So this time she had opted to act, getting in touch with Bill... William she corrected patiently. Angelina offered her help, such as it was. They had to bring Ginny back safely.

William signalled for another drink. Where were they? Too much time had passed already.

The time to act was soon.

Very soon.
Hermione ran into the bar and looked around, trying to spot William, or see if anyone was signalling to her.

He sat taller in his seat, green eyes going directly to the curly haired woman who had entered the bar, skin flushed. He made no otehr move, but his eyes beckoned her closer.

Finally, it would begin.
Angelina came into the bar, looking around for familiar faces. She hoped she wasn't too late.
Punctual despite his various misgivings about this endeavor, Percy enters the tavern shortly after Hermione, recognizing the young woman's distinctive hair and following her toward William's booth. When they reach the table he greets them both with a polite nod. "Miss Granger," he says formally, and then, "William," with a brief glance at his brother's face.

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