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dolosus's Journal

Dolosus RPG
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Dolosus is a Harry Potter RPG set in present time.

The wizarding world has been fighting against Lord Voldemort's rise to power for going on four years. Dumbledore is dead. Hogwarts has been closed pending further notice. The Quidditch League has been cancelled since the year 2000. The balance of power on either side is constantly shifting but currently resides with Voldemort.

More information on details etc., and on how the game is played can be found here.

Taken characters (alphabetical by last name):

Karen Bletchley (k_bletchley)
Roger Davies (only_roger)
Alex Derrick (a_derrick)
Marcus Flint (flintm)
Hermione Granger (grangerh)
Terence Higgs (thiggs)
Angelina Johnson (chasergirl)
Draco Malfoy (moneyedmalfoy)
Eamonn Montague (e_montague)
Talia Nott (talia_nott)
Pansy Parkinson (miss_parkinson)
Parvati Patil (patil_parvati)
Adrian Pucey (slytherinade)
Alicia Spinnet (shelostit)
Charles ("Charlie") Weasley (c_weasley_)
Ginny Weasley (gingerweasley)
Percy Weasley (weasleyp)
Ron Weasley (weasleyr)
William ("Bill") Weasley (elusiveweasley)
Blaise Zabini (b_zabini_)

We are still very much looking for new characters, especially anyone high-up in the Death Eaters or the Ministry/resistance.

We are currently not accepting applications for the following characters (keep checking back as this is liable to change):

Severus Snape
Katie Bell
Neville Longbottom

Profiles are a must for all characters and should follow the following structure:

Character name:
House (if applicable):
Sample (Either a sample LJ post, or a short POV piece, anything that shows me you have a hold on your character):

The sample needs only be short, just enough for me to get a hold of your character. You must have a separate LJ for dolosus. This means no posting from your regular account. We are a slash-friendly RPG. If you have a problem with that or other themes of an adult nature we suggest you go elsewhere.

When you join this RPG bear in mind your bio will be passed on to the storytellers so that they can incorporate you into plot. Again, if you have a problem with this we suggest you go elsewhere. We are a storyline based RPG.

Moderator and storyteller: almostgod
(If you're interested in becoming a storyteller, please contact almostgod.)