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Right then.

Many thanks to those of you who came to chat yesterday; it's been very helpful. To fill in those of you who weren't there, I'll reiterate what was decided.

Re: The war, etc.:

  1. London is pretty much divided in two parts. One part is Death Eaters territory, the other is Ministry territory. This is not to say either party will not get onto the other's territory at all, just that Ministry people will most likely not go into DE territory if they can help it. OTOH, most DEs will not be as reluctant to go into Ministry treritory, for reasons detailes below.
  2. The Ministry is, basically, the biggest part of the contra-Voldemort movement. Unfortunately, due to its nature as a "government institution", they're held back by burocracy. The people "in the field" (Aurors, Unspeakables, etc) are fairly well-organised, and effective once they're actually allowed to go out, but they're hampered by the burocracy higher up in the Ministry.
  3. The Ministry also has regular patrols along the border with DE territory.
  4. The DEs are much more militarily organised, with several levels of hierarchy, and an order is an order. This, obviously, makes them more efficient than the Military, which is one of the main reasons they're winning right now.
  5. The DEs are also much more low-profile--obviously, it's no secret they're out in full force, but the identity of indicidual DEs is unknown. This means, of course, that while the DEs know exactly who the "enemy" is, the Ministry does not. (Obviously, this also means there are no DE patrols along the border.)
  6. The war is basically being fought on a one-to-one level--no big battles, just indviduals and small groups. This means that daily life in the Wizarding world is mostly allowed to go on much as it did before, and the Muggle world has no idea this is going on.

Re: the working of the RP:

  1. As said before, we wil be RPing mostly through LJ. Characters's own LJs will be used as "private" journals, FPK only.
  2. Because of this, and things like time zones and Real Life, it's pretty much impossible to keep up the game in actual Real Time. We'll slow down time for Story Lines, and maybe speed it up and/or skip days to keep more or less up to date with Real Time. Yes, I'm being vague. :p

I've also updated the members et al., and the community profile. Please feel free to go recruit more players, and of course, if you've any questions, leave a comment, or e-mail me, whatever. :)

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