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Sorry about the delay here, folks. Had some personal problems last week.

First of all, the rules:

History - Current Situation - Missing Persons
Ministry Info - Order of the Phoenix Information - Death Eater Information
Other Information


May 30, 1999 - Dumbledore found dead in his chambers of unidentifiable causes. The last person to see Dumbledore alive is Snape, who is currently missing and wanted for Dumbledore's murder.
June 30, 1999 - Hogwarts closes at the end of the 1998-1999 school year.
2000 - Quidditch is cancelled.
July, 2002 - Neville Longbottom goes missing
December 13, 2002 - Katie Bell goes missing
December 30, 2002 - Unconfirmed rumours of sightings of Snape.

Current Situation

The war has currently been going on for nearly four years. There is a precarious balance, and for the last year or so, Voldemort has been on the winning side, though only just.

On the surface, life in the wizarding world is going on much the way it did before the war. People go to work, raise their children, get married, but under the surface there is always the threat of war. People are disappearing--for the most part people with the Ministry, Muggleborns, and their families. This had lead to paranoia, and an isolation of Muggleborns because people are afraid to diappear themselves.

Missing Persons


Severus Snape (missing since late 1999)
Katie Bell (missing since December 13, 2002)
Neville Longbottom (missing since July, 2002)

Other Information

Ministry Info

The Ministry is, basically, the biggest part of the contra-Voldemort movement. Unfortunately, due to its nature as a "government institution", they're held back by burocracy. The people "in the field" (Aurors, Unspeakables, etc) are fairly well-organised, and effective once they're actually allowed to go out, but they're hampered by the burocracy higher up in the Ministry.

Order of the Phoenix Info

Not much is known about the Order. They operate like a guerilla army, striking and then disappearing. The identity of its members is not publically known.

Death Eaters Info

The DEs are much more militarily organised than the Ministry, with several levels of hierarchy, and an order is an order. This, obviously, makes them more efficient than the Ministry, which is one of the main reasons they're winning right now.

The DEs are also much more low-profile--obviously, it's no secret they're out in full force, but the identity of indicidual DEs is unknown. This means, of course, that while the DEs know exactly who the "enemy" is, the Ministry does not. They strike quickly and without being seen, masked. They disappear Muggleborns and Muggleborn sympathisers, partially because of the Voldemort ideology, but also to drive a wedge between Muggleborns and the rest of the wizarding world. Divide and conquer.

General Rules

  1. Play nice, and remember that players are not their characters. The fact that your character hates another character does nt mean you have to hate that character's player. Vice versa, the fact that your character likes another character does not mean you have to like that character's player. Also, remember we're all here to have fun, and you cannot force people to RP with you if they don't want to.
  2. This is a StoryLine-based RPG. That means that the StoryTeller directs the plot and direction of the RPG. Any side-storylines, such as relationships, etc, between characters, are up to the individual players, but the StoryTeller has to be told about these things. Anything that will or could affect the main storyline must be cleared with the StoryTeller first.
  3. If you break either of the above rules, you get one warning. One. If you have been given a warning before, and you break a rule again, you will be removed from the game.

StoryLine Rules

  1. A StoryLine is decided upon. The StoryTeller will, of course, take suggestions from players, but ultimately, the decision of whether or not to use a StoryLine is with the StoryTeller.
  2. The StoryTeller posts a call for a StoryLine, explaining what will/should happen, in the ooc community. Anyone who wants to be part of this StoryLine can then sign up for it within a certain period of time.
  3. Once the sign-up is closed, the StoryTeller will make the first post in the community journal. This post will outline the situation, the background, as well as the purpose of the StoryLine, the people who will be involved, and the order in which they are to post.
  4. The characters involved will then RP through LJ comments, in the order set out in the start post. Non-Player characters will be played by the StoryTeller.
  5. All this of course means that you have to keep a close eye on a StoryLine you're a part of. If you've not taken your turn within a day, we will skip your turn, unless your contribution is vital, in which case the StoryTeller will take over your turn if you've not taken your turn within two days.
  6. Every twenty comments, posting of comments should start anew at the "root", i.e. as a reply to the main post. This keeps things readable. :)

Other Practical Rules

  1. Characters's LJs are considered to be their private journals. In other words, other characters cannot know what was written in there, or comment on it. You can have your character write in it as if it was an actual journal, or post prose snippets, whatever you like.
  2. Logs between individual characters that are not part of a StoryLine can be posted in the characters's own journals.
  3. The community journal is only for StoryLines, StoryLine calls, and admin posts.
  4. The ooc journal is for (duh) ooc discussions.

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Does backstory we make up and such constitute as "storyline"-- putting under mod evaluation-- or do we have the freedom to make up details (although not sweeping plot arcs) as we go along?

What if players prefer to have some events taking place between just a few characters to be played out more slowly through their character journals? Even if does make up new story, is that all right as long as it's not something that dramatically affects everyone else?

Backstory is fine as long as everyone whose characters are involved/affected know of and agree with it.

Can you give me an example of what you mean, so I can give a clear answer? :) Basically, as long as things have no impact on the plot, I'm fine with it, though I would need to be told about it so I can calculate it into things. :)
I didn't have a specific example in mind, but I think I gotten the idea. :)
Okay, cool. :)